Founded in 1999, Hsin Hung Machinery Corporation, led by the President with complete and professional experience, is a manufacturer specialized in Metal Insert Locking Nut. It is also believed that Hsin Hung is probably the only one carrying out in-house spring-ring forming process. Since the beginning, Hsin Hung's products have been exported mainly to Japan, and quality has been widely approved as well. In addition to materials and full dimensions, its products include diversified types such as hexagon, flange, cap, bearing and welding. On top of that, Hsin Hung is also willing to produce and supply custom-made specialty.
Hsin Hung holds its quality policy as Quality comes first, Secure customers, Find problems, Solve problems with care. At the same time, Hsin Hung is dedicated to meeting customer's needs as its principle. Furthermore, Hsin Hung believes its relationships with customers, suppliers, and company members are partnership so as to enrich its field and carry on the business.
Hsin Hung has been certified to ISO 9001. Looking into the future, it is now engaged in putting more machinery into the production line to expand the capacity, and it also hopes the production line possesses more mobility and flexibility in order to fit the demand from customers for hi-mix low volume manufacture. Meanwhile, it aims at following objectives:
Development of new products
Zero fault in quality
Marketing all over the world
Replace traditional methods of operation, save time, and save energy
Increase working efficiency.
Enhance machinery quality.
Extend machinery life cycle.
Enlarge machinery ability.
Decrease failure rate of machinery.
Increase safety of parts.
Resistance to high and low temperature.
Resistance to oil.
Vibration proof; loosening prevention.
industrial machine,
agricultural machine,
acoustic barrier,
drain cover,
ship building,
cooling system,
all sorts of vibrating machinery,
and all sorts of bearing parts.